Agri Mark

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All the resources you and your farmers
need in one application

Agri Mark connects growers to reliable soil analyses, certified seeds, trusted fertilizers,
effective pest control and more.

Fair Trade Companies

Manage your farmers remotely with the trained agents using Agri Mark

Private Companies

Manage your sourcing efficiently from farmers by monitoring their production cycle with Agri Mark

Social Enterprises

Manage your farmers' lifecycle with Agri Mark.

Agri Plan

Create a crop Agri Plan that maximizes production, with attention to sustainability, market demand and each farmer's particular land qualities.

Agri Nurture

Analyze the soil of a plot of land and receive an analysis along with recommendations for soil and plant health.

Agri Protect

Manage plant diseases, pests and weeds that damage agricultural crops.

Agri Profile

A snapshot of each farmer - keep all of the data on a particular farm and farmer in one place.

Agri Seed

Secure trusted, appropriate seeds for a specific climate, soil and time of year.

Agri Score

Assess the financial risk of a farmer to help increase farmers’ access to capital.

Agri Seed

Connect farmers to the Agri Markets appropriate for their production.