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Finance smallholder farmer
with minimized risk

Create credit scores for small holder farmers

FARM generates credit/risk scores for smallholder farmers using predictive, non-financial data assets collected through AgriSuite, which is excluded from traditional credit bureaus, and links them to a central server.
The primary data asset is the farmer data collected by the agents/micro-entrepreneurs that is proprietary to eKutir.
This includes: plot soil quality; crop history; whether plot is irrigated; inputs used (herbicide, pesticide, seeds, fertilizer); crop quality; size of plot; crop yields; crop revenue by cycle; whether or not crops are financed; amount of financing; repayment history for crop financing; and behavioral data about the farmer (age of account, frequency of payment, compliance with crop advice, growth in yield over pre-relationship period). We supplement the proprietary data asset with third party data from public and private sources.
FARM helps generate intelligent recommendations for farmers to grow crops within their financial capability, defined by the credit scores.

Financial Institutions and Credit Bureaus

Agri Suite - collect the data
FARM - Assess farmer's risk and create credit score to be shared with financial Institutions and credit bureaus.

Financial and agricultural risk management (FARM)

FARM aggregates farmers' data from AgriSuite, syndicates it with publicly available market data and generates a credit and risk score based on a farmer's land, production, sales, capital and more.